Perfect for Brands Get Your Woven Labels Sewn in your Products, Woven Labels are how the Pros Private Label Clothing. There are reasons successful clothing lines use woven labels to brand their products. labels (tags) are the cheap, versatile, and high quality way to brand clothing and accessories. upgrade your account today to start manufacturing like a pro.




One-Side Fold - Folded down on only one side

Asymmetrical End Fold - Folded down in different lengths on the left and right sides.

End Fold - Folded in the middle and usually sewn into a seam. Can also be used for sleeve and hem labels.

Manhattan Fold - Folded in the middle (like center fold label) and then the top of the label is folded down to create a flap to tuck the bottom fold into.

Miter Fold - Ends folded under and up, creating a tab you can sew into a seam.

Longitudinal End Fold - Similar to end fold except folded down in equal proportions on the top and bottom.

Straight Cut - No fold. Usually sewn down on all 4 sides, just the top, or just the right and left sides.

Roll Form - Labels supplied in a continuous roll.



Size: 2.5″ x 2.5″ inches is an average starting size. You can a little smaller or larger if needed.
Tear-away tags are your friend! Many brands now offer shirts that have tear-away labels so that we can remove the original tag with no mess and print your custom tag inside.
Brands that offer tear-away tags: Next Level, Alstyle, and Tultex.
Garments with sewn in labels can be printed and cut out by hand however does not look as seamless.
Tag printing is primarily done in single color, so we advise keeping your tag artwork simple. We can cater to multiple color tags, however it will be considerable more to setup and print.
You can print any color for the tag, however gray is the most common choice for good reasons. Gray tags will be visible on most colored t-shirts so you can print the same tags for t-shirts that are black, white, red, navy… just about any color but gray t-shirts. Gray also will not show through the back of thin white t-shirts like other colors will.
Be aware that some retailers require shirts to have certain information inside the garment (country of origin, washing instructions, and material, etc)
Add something personal or funny. – "Be somebody!", "Hand printed with love", "You Only Live Once" add your motto or website, etc. Its your tag and your t-shirt go wild.
Use a bold legible font. Using a font with lightweight or script font may be hard to see.
If you do not have tag artwork or the means to create it our art department can create something for your brand.


Woven Stripes


still not sure what Woven Stripes is? peep these example.



Your Printed Products will turn out Great!






Embroidery/stitch your art onto hoodies



Embroidery is the supreme quality way to get your artwork on your Products, custom embroidery elevates your brand.

let’s face it, just about any brand can create a printed t shirt & they all do. to make your brand special, to make it really stand out, you gotta do something a little different. using custom embroidery adds an element of texture and artistic rendition to artwork that make people look twice. the ability to deliver embroidered t shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts separates you from the pack and is a creative platform that any artist should explore.




still not sure what applique is? peep these example.



These custom hang tags are perfect for your clothing line, small & bigger business owners and hand crafters looking to take their product or packaging to the next level. Make your products look more professional and increase brand awareness by using them on product at retail and craft fairs or use them inside shipments and packing to create a memorable unboxing experience.




Coming Soon....

Ready One is a prominent name among the leading wholesaler and retailer manufacturers and exporters of Casual Clothing, & Fashion Leather Garments.

We can fully manufacture the items with Customization such as T-Shirts, Hoodies & Sweatshirts, Sweatsuits, Jogger Pants, Shorts, Tights & Leggings, Winter Jackets, Polo Shirts, Elongated wears, Tracksuits, Softshell Jackets, Tank Tops, Biker Jogger Pants, Fashion Leather Jackets, Suede Leather Jackets, Shearling Leather Jackets, Long Leather Coats, Men & Women Fashion Leather Jackets, Chaps, Sheep Pants and many more. Due to changing world requirements the quest for excellence and perfection never ends.

We continue to customize all kind of items with many branding techniques like Printing, Embroidery, Applique, Embossing, Tag Cards, Inside Woven labels, Care Labels, Patches, etc. we'll use that technique you agree on. Our Skilled Workers with their extraordinary workmanship are investing their energies and ideas to develop a new range of products with an innovative & stylistic touch and are raising the standard quality to the entire satisfaction of our customers around the Globe. Because of their untiring efforts and excellence process, our products have become a hallmark of excellence and standard quality, and are shining brightly on the firmament of achievements & success.

We are proud to say that our products are being supplied to the major marketing brands around the world, which are full of praise for the quality, we present. After so many years of experience and success, we are confidently inviting your esteemed organization to be our business partner. We are giving you an opportunity to check the quality of our products in every aspect and you will certainly believe in what we say, for our slogan is "STAY READY" If you are interested, send for the sample of our products for your kind consideration.

We are just a call or a mail away from you. For more information on products or customization you can email us at or at

Kind Regards, Management.

Ready One has been in operation since a long time and we have built up an enviable knowledge of clothing and promotional products as well as the best way to brand them.

With your own embroidery, screen-printing, Applique, Tag Cards, Inside Woven Labels, and digital services we are not reliant on third party production in the way brokers are and have the flexibility to give you the best price while still meeting your deadlines.

Clothing First and foremost we are a clothing and promotional goods supplier. We have relationships with all of best wholesale suppliers so that we can bring you a huge range of top quality goods at fantastic prices. Our vast experience means that we are able to recommend the right item for each product type and circumstance. We provide a specialized consultation service. Talk to our sales staff about your requirements and you can trust they will be able to meet your needs. It's all part of the package.

Our clothing is guaranteed - in the unlikely event of a fault, we will replace the item immediately. Embroidery With our own embroidery machines and other branding techniques with specialist operators, we provide top quality embroidery and other branding techniques. In general, embroidery is ideal for small runs, textured fabrics, heavy weight fabrics, some synthetic fabrics, and objects difficult to make flat for printing such as caps. You would be amazed what we can Brand with your logo or name - all types of clothing, hats, bags, etc. Screen-printing With our own screen-printing equipment and specialist operators, we can provide top quality screen-printing.

In general, screen-printing is ideal for very fine details, exact color matches, large designs, large runs, and light weight fabrics.

For more information on customization please contact at or at

Many Thanks, Managements.

Yes, We can Brand your Graphics on all Clothes you want, Please see more Details here.

We can Use Printing, Embroidery, Applique, Sublimation, Woven Labels, Printed Labels, Care Labels, Tag Cards, and any other Technique requested by Client.

Yes we can Deal with Client's Designs.

Yes we can Deal with your Sizing Chart Measurements. for Our Size Chart you can view here.

Yes, You can see our Real Time Production Pictures here.

We can Print all Colors, no matter how many colors your design have, simply we can say If you can Draw it we can Print or Embroidery it.

The Cost Depends on the Colors, Size, Quantity & it's Placements, Once we got all these information then we can pass you the Exact cost for Colors in Printing.

You can get Low prices by Ordering Big quantities, also 2nd option is to get Low Prices you can take part in Promoting Ready One By Put our Company Logo & Name on your Items at any place you want. This way you can get a Low Price for the Same Items, for More Details Click here.

No, Ready One only Grouped with My Leathers, the other websites are just copying us and trying to use our name to mis guide the clients, our Managers will only contact to the clients via using same email addresses which we mentioned in our website's Contact Us Page, here you can check our Contact Us Page.

Our MOQ is Depends on the Style, But we Assure you we're very Flexible with the MOQ.

Yes, You Can Order Samples.

Usually Bulk orders lead time depends on the order's quantity, but mostly we complete any quantity production in 3-4 weeks once we have all the artwork and deposit, quantity no matter it's 100 pieces or 1000 pieces. We can do rush orders for an extra charge if needed.

Please note. Some jobs may require shipping of certain brands or materials, and therefore may require additional time.

You can send us your artwork via email Your artwork should be sent to us scaled to the size you want it printed. It can be either a vectored format such as an Adobe Illustrator AI or a PDF file or a rasterized format like a JPEG, GIF, or a Photoshop PSD file, please make sure the image is sized to 300 dpi.

We can print the design using any larger size you want, for larger printing sizes extra cost will be charged.

Not a problem. We can create something for in-house for you. If you can provide any sketches, examples, or a description of what you want we can create something for you. We charge $30 per house for graphic design and artwork clean up.

Samples Lead time Depends on the Samples Quantity, but Mostly we take couple of weeks for the samples as samples takes Extra Money, Time and Workmanship.

No! But Once we build our Good Business relation history then we can offer Free Samples too.

Yes, If the Bulk Order's Amount becomes more than US$1000 then we'll adjust 50% of the sampling amount into the bulk order's Invoice.

We have a Solution for this too, You just pay for the bulk order and we'll make just one piece from your ordered items and then we'll show you detailed pictures of it and once you approve the items looks exactly how you want it then we'll start making remaining Order, & If you need some changes in it you can simply tell us so we can make those changes in all remaining bulk order.

No Problem, Email us at with further questions, we'll get back to you with an answer within 24 hours, Working days.

To see 3D custom branding placements, check this 3D Branding Placements.



Many of our Valuable Clients asking us for some real time production pictures for their Satisfaction, and we think they have full rights to know about the company they're ordering so we Understand Clients need very well and for the sake of Customers Satisfaction we took a Positive Step to show our Customers Our Real Production Departments. This way Our Clients can realize how Big and Honest “Ready One” and mainly they'll get the answer that "Ready One" really Exist. Also Due to Customers Privacy Policy we have Blur the Brand and Branding which can effect our Valuable Clients Privacy. 

Real Time Production Pictures from Ready One Clothing






Varsity JacketsReal Time Production Pictures from Ready One ClothingReal Time Production Pictures from Ready One ClothingReal Time Production Pictures from Ready One ClothingReal Time Production Pictures from Ready One ClothingReal Time Production Pictures from Ready One ClothingReal Time Production Pictures from Ready One ClothingReal Time Production Pictures from Ready One ClothingReal Time Production Pictures from Ready One ClothingReal Time Production Pictures from Ready One ClothingReal Time Production Pictures from Ready One ClothingReal Time Production Pictures from Ready One ClothingReal Time Production Pictures from Ready One ClothingReal Time Production Pictures from Ready One Clothing


For colored t-shirts you can use the white t-shirt mock and change the color easily in most graphic programs.


Printed Labels

Heather Grey Texture

Coming soon:

-Hoodies template (flat)

-Artwork template (AI/PSD)

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