Perfect for Brands Get Your Woven Labels Sewn in your Products, Woven Labels are how the Pros Private Label Clothing. There are reasons successful clothing lines use woven labels to brand their products. labels (tags) are the cheap, versatile, and high quality way to brand clothing and accessories. upgrade your account today to start manufacturing like a pro.




One-Side Fold - Folded down on only one side

Asymmetrical End Fold - Folded down in different lengths on the left and right sides.

End Fold - Folded in the middle and usually sewn into a seam. Can also be used for sleeve and hem labels.

Manhattan Fold - Folded in the middle (like center fold label) and then the top of the label is folded down to create a flap to tuck the bottom fold into.

Miter Fold - Ends folded under and up, creating a tab you can sew into a seam.

Longitudinal End Fold - Similar to end fold except folded down in equal proportions on the top and bottom.

Straight Cut - No fold. Usually sewn down on all 4 sides, just the top, or just the right and left sides.

Roll Form - Labels supplied in a continuous roll.



Size: 2.5″ x 2.5″ inches is an average starting size. You can a little smaller or larger if needed.
Tear-away tags are your friend! Many brands now offer shirts that have tear-away labels so that we can remove the original tag with no mess and print your custom tag inside.
Brands that offer tear-away tags: Next Level, Alstyle, and Tultex.
Garments with sewn in labels can be printed and cut out by hand however does not look as seamless.
Tag printing is primarily done in single color, so we advise keeping your tag artwork simple. We can cater to multiple color tags, however it will be considerable more to setup and print.
You can print any color for the tag, however gray is the most common choice for good reasons. Gray tags will be visible on most colored t-shirts so you can print the same tags for t-shirts that are black, white, red, navy… just about any color but gray t-shirts. Gray also will not show through the back of thin white t-shirts like other colors will.
Be aware that some retailers require shirts to have certain information inside the garment (country of origin, washing instructions, and material, etc)
Add something personal or funny. – "Be somebody!", "Hand printed with love", "You Only Live Once" add your motto or website, etc. Its your tag and your t-shirt go wild.
Use a bold legible font. Using a font with lightweight or script font may be hard to see.
If you do not have tag artwork or the means to create it our art department can create something for your brand.