Frequently Asked Questions

Que1- Can Ready One Brand on Clothes with my Personal (or) Company Logo (or) Name, on all Clothes?
Ans1: Yes, We can Brand your Graphics on all Clothes you want, Please see more Details here.

Que2- Which Technique Ready One will use to print my Logo Brand?
Ans2: We can Use Printing, Embroidery, Applique, Sublimation, Woven Labels, Printed Labels, Care Labels, Tag Cards, and any other Technique requested by Client.

Que3- Can "Ready One" deal with our Designs?
Ans3: Yes we can Deal with Client's Designs.

Que4- Can "Ready One" Use our Sizing Measurements?
Ans4: Yes we can Deal with your Sizing Chart Measurements. for Our Size Chart you can view here.

Que5- Can we see Ready One's Previous Production Real Time Work?
Ans5: Yes, You can see our Real Time Production Pictures here.

Que6- How Many Colors we can Print or Embroidery?
Ans6: We can Print all Colors, no matter how many colors your design have, simply we can say If you can Draw it we can Print or Embroidery it.

Que7- What is the Cost for 1, 2, 3, 4, or more colors Print or Embroidery?
Ans7: The Cost Depends on the Colors, Size, Quantity & it's Placements, Once we got all these information then we can pass you the Exact cost for Colors in Printing.

Que8- How Can we get Low Prices?
Ans8: You can get Low prices by Ordering Big quantities, also 2nd option is to get Low Prices you can take part in Promoting Ready One By Put our Company Logo & Name on your Items at any place you want. This way you can get a Low Price for the Same Items, for More Details Click here.

Que9- We can see some Matching (or) Similar websites Like "Ready One", are those Grouped with "Ready One"?
Ans9: No, Ready One only Grouped with My Leathers, the other websites are just copying us  and trying to use our name to mis guide the clients, our Managers will only contact to the clients via using same email addresses which we mentioned in our website's Contact Us Page, here you can check our Contact Us Page.

Que10- What is the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) ?
Ans10: Our MOQ is Depends on the Style, But we Assure you we're very Flexible with the MOQ.

Q11- Can we Order Samples.?
Ans11: Yes, You Can Order Samples.

Q12- How Long Samples will take?
Ans12: Samples Lead time Depends on the Samples Quantity, but Mostly we take couple of weeks for the samples as samples takes Extra Money, Time and Workmanship.

Q13- How Long Bulk Order Production will Take?
Ans13: Bulk orders lead time depends on the order's quantity, but mostly we complete any quantity production in 3-4 weeks no matter the quantity will be 100 pieces or 1000 pieces.

Q14- Can we take Free Samples?
Ans13: No! But Once we build our Good Business relation history then we can offer Free Samples too.

Q15- Will the Sampling amount go Toward to the Bulk order's Invoice after i Place Bulk Order?
Ans14: Yes, If the Bulk Order's Amount becomes more than US$1000 then we'll adjust 50% of the sampling amount into the bulk order's Invoice.

Q16- I Don't Want to Waste my Money & Time in Samples But i also want to be sure my Bulk Orders Manufacturing Correctly?
Ans16: We have a Solution for this too, You just pay for the bulk order and we'll make just one piece from your ordered items and then we'll show you detailed pictures of it and once you approve the items looks exactly how you want it then we'll start making remaining Order, & If you need some changes in it you can simply tell us so we can make those changes in all remaining bulk order.